OMGA cabine per trattori, la progettazione

Our cabins’ study, design and construction is done exclusively in Italy.

DESIGN:  Our cabins’ design is performed through software programs that works in 3D environments by experienced and prepared staff who for years collaborate with us. This design process allows us to reduce the time of realization of details that make up the cabin. Even if we use this sophisticated system, only after a careful analysis and verification, by assembling the cabin on the machine, is put into production as finished product.

FUNCTIONALITY: The wide access compartment to the driver’s seat, the large crystals of the front and sides, make the cabin OMGA comfortable by offering to the operator the maximum visibility both on the road and on the working ground. The optimal view of the front wheels through the large rear windows allows the complete control of the machine.

SILENCE: Being made of profiled iron, our cabins aren’t subject to the resonance noises transmitted by the machine.

DURABILITY: Being built of profiled iron, with a thickness of 5mm instead of 1,5mm, every welded and screwed parts withstand every solicitation that the tractor is subjected. Cabins are treated in CATAPHORESIS and powder coated, this guaranteed the maximum durability against atmospheric and chemical effects (cultivation treatments). Specialized and certified ISO 9002 companies do the coating. Cabins are in accordance with CEE because are mounted on the protection arc of the tractor. The high quality materials used for the realization of the individual components of a cabin allows great versatility and robustness. The roof is made of steel sheet with ribs specially designed to guarantee the necessary rigidity, completed with sound-absorbing panel. The front is in laminated iron with fixed or openable tempered crystals with pneumatic lifts. The sides are in iron with fixed or openable tempered crystals. The doors are in iron with key locks, with tempered crystals complete with their jambs or sides, for easy mounting and possible platforms. The upper rear window openable with pneumatic lifts is in iron and tempered crystal. The lower roar window is in iron and tempered crystal.

ACCESSORIES: Automatic wiper, manual wiper, mirrors, couple of work lights, heating.

As the product is modular, it’s possible to buy the complete cabin or only the roof with front and then complete the cabin with the remaining details (sides, doors, rear, lower). This construction method allows to facilitate the transport as the cabins’ volume is very compact. The cabin is sent to the costumer with its mounting system, screws and brackets. The company offers a telephone technical support. Among the services offered by OMGA there’s the possibility to mounting the cabin at our headquarters.