Our history

The adventure of the O.M.G.A. Company, began in 1961 as a precision mechanical workshop. Using the intelligence and the mechanic passion of the founder Azzolari Guido and the commercial management of his wife Francesca the company soon became the reference point for mechanical operations and constructions of hosiery machines, complex and demanding.

In 1973 takes place the turning of the company that specialize his production in construction and design of cabins for tractors and agricultural machinery.
In a few years, the company dedicates its resources and productive capacities to expanding the range of products offered. The experience combined with technical knowledge, allows the creation of new patents for the construction and assembly of cabins so that it can be immediately evident in the mechanical-agricultural market.

The company succeed further to be noticed thanks to the annual participation in the “Agricultural Fair” of Verona and the “EIMA” of Bologna.
In 1989 the founder Guido Azzolari died prematurely. But as he had been able to undertake the company change so he knew how to pass his passion and knowledge for the work of builder to his 3 children, who were able to bring new ideas and innovations both technical and commercial by opening the sale of products to European and non-European countries.

Nowadays the choices made by the children, brought to have in the catalogue more than 300 models of tractor’s cabins both modern and of many years.
The constructive – technical choice undertaken at the beginning of the activity has allowed to have available cabins for machines out of production for decades

Omga Cabine per trattori - La storia